Making individual works

I looked at you work in catalog of Artisterium and I like your scientific approach to ideas. I think you should definitely come up with some ideas for Super Art World and what language we might speak there.

I think Luka, we probably should develop separate proposals but they might be connected as a result of these discussions we had.

I will work on my spaceship Khantsi and Electromagnetic Rainbow with paintings, drawings etc. I think I can make a more coherent work like this.
  1. Luka Zautashvili posted the following on March 11, 2010 at 00:52.

    Yes exactly it doesn’t mean really that we do a separate work does it? But wait i think the idea of making 2 separate proposals doesn’t really sound good:
    1. i’m not sure if it is possible by IAA rules (if there are some)
    2. I think that whole uniqueness is in making 2 different approaches (works) coming together into 1.
    and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot do Khantsi…

    How do you think?