levels of awareness

Standing in the cup, many of them.

Different they were , in forms, in colour , in type, in effect produced.

They should have found it difficult to choose.

They should have found it difficult to wait to be choosen

“Pick me , pick me, pick me ” they all shouted

Looking at them , silently nothing seemed different.

They w ere all pencils,crayons-words or things.

Images, sounds, photos, envies, dreams, wishes, us.

In between time , things changed though ;

From the time thought began till the time hand decided.

This very moment was the begining of awareness.

Deciding , a process which caused frisson.

A feeling, an envy , a taste, a desire , disgust…

A curve , a smell, a note , death,lust, lost…

An intention , a message, a moment, pathos…

Again…a game, a lure , crypic clue, sensationflow;

That is words , then ;

Guilt, fear, love , courage, responsability…

more words ;

Finally, a creation

My creation…

Didier de Masso.

Didier Demassosso aka Didier de masso

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