Let Me Start With Reality!


I can’t see any connection with visas?

Also have to agree with Breda…. about tanks…

Just have to be honest with you I don’t like the idea of visas, I think I have understood everything as it was meant to be. (please let me know if I have missed something).

To be more specific I think the visa things will be handled by governments of both UK-Georgia which are doing pretty well at the moment.

Those tanks you mentioned before are very beautiful but honestly, maybe there is something I’m missing, but I have gone through our dialog and what can I see pretty much triggered by our dialog is an actual debate on things that are present, and the viewpoint of me and you which goes to something that reveals our own vision in a way it is …. ( http://imagineartafter.org/2009/12/19/imagining-art-after-now/ the conclusion part).

Those things with bridges – connections

What most interests me in this part is the metamorphic (particle changing) aspect of the bridges but not bridges itself as connecting something.

On the other hand connection itself is an interesting phenomenon  so we can think also about it.

I think we should continue to work on!

I very much like the way you see the rainbows, and your attitude towards it.

I would be glad to create something unique, I cannot yet tell you what it is.

I follow your ideas I follow my ideas and soon something great will come up.

What to do next?

I think we should not rush anywhere,

we have several more days… to get to a complete idea.

My Suggestions are to use:

The following are the topics (particles) that where actually present in our dialogue:

  • ….Searching for language – a communication phenomenon.
  • CHANGESbut in a long term changes do bring interesting interconnections between what you really want and what you might have been doing in reality. How do you think about it?”
  • RAINBOW The pic itself
  • SUPER ART WORLD: those 1st and 2nd

I think we have triggered many interesting topics for our work.

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