Bridging Bridges.

Hello Titus,
How is the going? I am good and busy , busy.. preparing for my travels soon.
I want to apologies for my long silence.
Presently, I have two projects in mind. One of them is series on the female soccer where I intend to us this game which many africans are passionate as an intervention gender and Identity issue. I am keen to know how women fairing in the game often considered as ” Macho” thing. Intend to investigate how are females using this game to bridge the gender gap. What are the realities of life for them. The social, cultural and economical challenges of being a female footballers.
I intend to approach this project through archival research, interviews and portraits of the female football on and off the game. What do you think about this topic and advise or comments?

Oops, I have to leave for now. I will get back to you tomorrow regards the second project.
Please let me know what you think