8th March in my town Proposal 2

I m just back from the match pass.

Each year A match pass isorganised in my town yaoundé during the women’s day. The kabas were lovely this year too.Very colored and the designs and couture were of all sorts.The creativity of  the women tailors, – Most tailors are women in my town and seemingly all over my country- has been improving as women always want during this Day to be in their best and unique kaba.They will not like no other woman to have their design. There is such a viril appropriation of this clothing.

This year I was there again .Unlike the oher years I felt a bit weird.I felt weird because how how women felt.On field work is always for real than what the media say.There seems to be two sorts of women matching. More it seems there is a symbolic attachment made around the kaba and its accessories.

This feeling as well as their empirical observations made me want to work on how women themselves percieve this day and then themselves.

I m interested however in what the women on field say about it.How they feel about it and how in general it feels like to be a woman. I could have interviewed them to know but I ll use solely their dressing behaviour and their to what they associate the kaba to indicate what they think about their status , role and gendre even.

It will be necessary I pass a questionaire to do a detail study .It is in project.

I will submit this  idea in the form of photographs by wednesday.

As I said earlier ,I intend to research all over cameroon if funding is availbale on the general perception of women of themselves.Women make about 52 percent of the total population in cameroon.Most of these women fall within The reproductive class and as well the labour class. What they think about themselves and how they act/behave is fundamental in the constitution of stable family structures and in promoting healthy family.

I ll go to some hot neighbourhoods to be in this ambience. It is hot now, very very hot. The sun seems to have reawakened .

Breda, Bindu , Florence I hope you all had a nice day :) .Happy day !!

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