large embroidery

iaa will require a project (working) TITLE by 1 April.

The BUDGET should reflect the realistic cost of the specific activity you intend to undertake, in line with a TIMETABLE. Since at this point I am not aware of the details of HOW exactly you anticipate the production of the embroidery/textile piece, I can advice on a ‘wide brush stroke’ approach – the budget should comprise of material cost; participants’ fees (how many participants? what’s the local fee per diem?); travel & location cost (where is the activity going to take place?); subsistence (1 meal per diem and refreshments for how many people?); miscellaneous (post, telephone); contingency (10% of total production budget); anything else specific to your activity?

PLEASE NOTE: at the moment iaa is not asking for a detailed budget breakdown. an overall/approximate production cost will be required by 1 Apr.