I’ve been in an island of my own thought, mind setting my organs to comport my emotions psychologically and physically, so I can decipher and move ahead. Every fleeting moment each day I thought about what are my research, my mind flows towards documentation of my origin and my new environment. Sometimes I view life as its all about you… whatever the norms and doctrines, you owe yourself your happiness within or without. To some, life has not been so fair. There is always a way out… to comport the body, mind and soul. I’ll be looking at both side of the coin, researching on my experience between two cities.  There is no limitation to continuity; it’s a dynamic world where changes are inevitable. Art encompass all of life, whatever our gesture, we all want result and hope for a reactional changes it brings. Then our experience on our immediate society is what we be looking at. Having view life from different environmental factors, I wish to share it visually documenting happenstance and scenario that appear similar but either due to differences in technological or scientific advancement. As a visual artist, making a statement with colours on canvas, I could remember the influence of my new environment on my art (painting) revivified in diptych of which my concepts are mostly themes from my origin. I’ll still be looking at working on diptych and will be conceptually interrelating scene from both my origin and my new environment to portray in diptych but can could also stand out as a single piece. As am presently in my place of origin, have been scouting around for resource materials through photography, so when am back to my new environment I’ll conceptually merge both resource materials to portray what’s on my mind. So in essence I’ll be looking at depicting tales, showing differences and similarities which encompass my experience, social awareness and a means of evaluating the human condition between my two environments.

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