Aspests of our umwelten :Personality !

I appreciate your efforts to make our work move Bindu and Florence. Recently I was thinking about my own sentiment of being human and I wondered what you think of me?

:) The fact is that in any form of construction a foudation has to be made.

Again ,the essence is that in the construction of umwelten all what we ve shared is there. I find it fantasitic indeed.

In Due time Bindu and Florence you ll see my visual construction of the umwelten.I ll Not be late. I ll futher talk about the techinical aspect of it in a next conversation.

Bindu , I like when things are said straight just as you did .Yet I was working when you said what you said.Thank you hwoever.

Florence I think your film too will be great.

We re doing a good job.

I love the structure of our group , the manner in which langauge, the self, concepts, and objects are been used.

If you ve noticed , we have three different personalities.Each with a particularity .Each too with flaws.

if we re using about the same languguage , we should be able to understand our selves.Its a Jackobian principle.Yet there is also something happening.At times however we talk to each other but we do not seem to understand each other.

I would like to know why?.