Art and budget


Art is a product of the will’s interaction with the language of the and soul of the world otherwise it becomes out of sync with the planet’s cycles thus becoming irrelevant. The hand only works at the command of the will. If one’s will is ignorant of the language of the world then that ignorance breeds irrelavannce as the subject of the art will inevitably fail to speak to the viewers heart and teach the mind….Idealy all human interaction is artistic but we live in the age of utility in a utilitarian culture……

There is a hitch here… ideal interactions are void of money I find them to be free of want and therefore honest. But given the age of utility and the obsession with things and the domination of the idea that man being the totality of thought can not be seperated from matter which thinks……things are likely to be exchanged somehow – a smile, a conversation, a box of matches, a meal cash etc… But the key value here is the budget of the journey from where I’m sitting now to the point of interaction with the subject(s) – the whoevers and whatevers. So I plan to travel the globe on a limited travel allowance to cover visa payments and leave the rest to the gods including what I eat and where I sleep. Today the value of money is determined by the amount of labour that produces a product. I aim to create the value….so the budget I seek is purely for travel. It would be naive to attempt this on nothing I have calculated this figure to be a minimum of £3500 and I aim to work with the minimum and in addition to my prervious  comment a video and voice recorder  with a computer.