looking for Monica

I’ll chase Monica… meanwhile, be good if you could think about how the ‘embroidery & memory’ projects relates to NOW

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  1. Adriana Berrio posted the following on March 6, 2010 at 16:32.

    The now is about not forgetting all the victims, all the stupidity of war, that keeps on going, and seems to never have an end… Colombia has been in war for more than 50 years, but the astonishing fact is that the Goverment only reinforces the war, and forgets all the victims, the displaced people and do not give them back their territories. But also because out of this nonsense, there are people, specially women that are mostly the survivors,who have the strength to overtake this situations, and rescue all the basic principles to start living in peace, to build up their lifes, give them meaning, my interest is founded on this strength…how do they overcome crisis, how they become conscious of a new way to exist, is like resucitation, renewal out of death, transformation…I found this resilence the only regainable aspect of war.