I have a feeling…

‘what are we to do if want to avoid illustrating concepts or stating the obvious?

I love your question Breda.

I think we can do nothing to prevent this to happen.Ever since we ve acceded  language things are and well never be the same.

When we were kids we used  bits of sounds to say I m happy or I m not .We grow , we grow we begin to coo, them to point.Yes after we talk , we produce speech.I don t think we talk about things we re ingnorant of that is why we believe in what we say.Though at times what we say , think or feel might have nothing to do with reality.We have to tend to it , I think so strongly.

So Breda I think Saussure made things clear .The signified is an acoustic image.Of What? The concept , the sign. We have to represent ourselves our world inorder to maniplulate it. Perhaps to understand it as well. Yes not perhaps , to understand it as well. Red is red because it s been made so. It  s not obvious .I d love to think so

I don t believe that things are obvious they are just the way they re.Theories and principles make them to be so. The moon cloud not be shapped like a square , if it were , nothing of what we know now would be .

I acknowledge that our brains have helped us veil part of reality and this certainly for our sake.Yet what is hidden at times after what is not has been unwrapped , needs to be known.Bindu how should we think if we don t keep adding to our thoughts other thoughts.The laws ofb the mind have no limits a priori and stricto largo. Are we the ones that made this so? It does not need to conflict with our sensations, our feelings.This being, this lacher prise is inherent to the sentiment of being human.

At times , I don t want to feel nor to think , I want to move in the water and let it drift  me to where it wishes.Yet , It moves downstream the water.In which way do I want to more? My life instinct talk , I become just  a bunch of cells.A bunch of living cells

I want to sleep… but I have a feeling.

Didier de Masso

why her not him?. why him?

All will be okay Bindu, all will be okay :).I m happy your toothe aches are gone.

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