Ngoma ndiyo ndiyo

On the industrious:

It must be noted and my conversations with my elderly grandmother confirm this, we are living in times were fewer and fewer people know the truth and indeed only a few if any know the language of the world. The realm of messages or signs from nature in christian Zimbabwe viewed by some as evil and the exists world wide a system of belief in constructs, money being the leading focus of belief followed by books……Few claim to know the truth and the majority of those have been called liars or crazy…… Likewise art and its purposes have been relegated to vanity through the media and the infiltration of money into its core. Art is  becoming less and less spiritually significant and more and more financially significant. Art and archaic man are now completely disjointed. If the truth is what we seek, the chances of finding it on a financially significant canvas are non existent. After-all what truth exists in anything fashioned by the hands of man…does not all of  it rot….even the flesh which makes all these things.  Decay is all there is. Ay, in that view and with the knowledge that most of humanity’s creations come out of destruction and distraction I am seeking a new direction away from it all for as long as it takes for me to find the truth within and away from this vanity. I am off to the garden….to the truth and this time  everything all the way to my soul is going to burn.  The product of my interaction with whoever or whatever I meet along my journey will constitute the art, any new discoveries I make will be art, utility and necessity combined…. My chickens recently took to sleeping up a tree recently . 14 left for 2 weeks and came back only to be locked up never to be released until they make it to the pot and a hen after 3 weeks in the wild came back with 5 chicks…..I am off to find my chicks in the wilderness. As for the industrious, we are sure to meet and better yet, away from this vanity.