what sleeps in the rock,

dreams in a plant,

lives in an animal,

i like these sentence,  and before i got suggestion that to read  the poem of john donne, he also wrote a beautiful poem about soul,

when i making things, i always avoid myself to understand too much about my work. the process is like this: i got an idea, then i found a way to express it,  and i try to maintain it in a level that i knew there is something behind it, but i dont want to know what exactly it is,  i afraid to limit my work`s ablity of openness by my limit knowledge and limit experience.

so i always stay in an state of unclear mind,  it seems like i have a child, if i want to know all the mind of him/her i can easily know, but i keep it in unknowing,  so him/her has kind of mystery things  that could attract me。

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