Does G-d hate Women

Thus, I would like to stand up for Ophelia and get more specific avoiding speculations around my hypothesis about her being a best example of a ‘femme total’ or the best example of the Western Female Archetype to undertake. I would like to highlight Ophelia’s individuality, her being a fictional character, a potential wife that asks herself a lot questions. Her question ‘Does God hate Women?” brought about a vast discussion among academics and writers. Recently I consulted the British Library catalogue (became a member of BL) to be able to perform my further research.

I found several books confirming my thinking such as ‘Early Modern Tragedy gender and Performance’, ‘Contemporary Feminist Theatres’ by Goodman and many others. I would like to take some time to read and research. Will get back to you in a bit.

Question for Natalia (again) – how is Ophelia’s character relevant as a starting point for a discussion about the roll of women in the contemporary ‘western’ society’?