Whats in it for me

It’s the easiest way to remodel my present, Eline, to remodel and extend my existence, like leaving passport photos of yourself behind couches, under carpets, under the seats on the airplanes, in the hotels and cafes you visit. To imitate a memory i don’t want to forget and to make the one i craved for real, now that i say it, it all sounds like therapy, which is a bad thing. It all has to do with a fact that i remember things differently than other ppl in that same situation. In a way it is a licence for a lived experience, justification, video as a proof of fiction and reality, justification for my memory. Its a way of capturing those memory flashes that one gets-capturing and adding to them. I remember a voice, an image, or a detail, a short frame, i want to build a video sculpture around those fragmented memories…add plaster of imaginary to a fragment of real.

I care about the fact that i see it as a mix or “real” and “fictional”, for audience it can be all fiction…this part is a bit blurry in my concept…what if its a completely imaginary archive? what if i never belonged to a family, a culture i claim i belong? im not sure myself how should i do it…i do not have a definite answer yet…

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  1. Natalia Mali posted the following on February 20, 2010 at 13:02.

    Art is a therapy for us. Recollecting you memories could be a good thing for you Taus. I personally think you should go for it. I am sure you will put your idea in shape sooner or later. It sounds like you need to go through all that process to find your place in it. Look at the material you have got, go through archive material again and again. I promise you it will help to realize your idea.