Tzvetan Todorov

I’ve been reading Todorov this last days. “Abuses of memory” and something like “the displaced man” (“El hombre desplazado”, but I wouldn´t know the exact name in English). So, about historical memory: I would like to say something about it, based on my readings on Todorov:
Historical memory “serves” for
-the recovery of dignity
-new meanings/ (resignificación)
-turn the past into a principle of actin for the present

And one of the things he states, that is for me the most interesting one, is How to use memory, reminiscence: Literally or exemplary. In which he indicates how when you use memory this way is intransitive, leading nowhere, submitting the present into the past, as a way of keeping yourself closed or trapped in the past. Is the “why?”
the other way of reminiscence he states is the exemplary, in which you use what happen as a way of understanding, taking a lesson out of what happened, it helps neutralize the pain, in order to use it as a principle of action for the present, movement, transition…

So, I am reading all this to state what place to take as an artist, what attitude is the adequate, because I am no life saver or hero, I just want ot open a space and provoque or arouse to an experience, a creative experience….
Making a big fabric with these women and embroidering our own personal maps of the roads we had walk…and making sucha experience as a place of reflection, and as Todorov says, making the past as a principle of action for the present…