Hello Florence and Didier,

Sorry for not being in communication with both of u, have been having a toothache, dental problem which is driving me nuts.  Anyhow today i decided i must sit down tooth or no tooth!!! but believe me I have been reading all yr mails and have enjoyed reading them thoroughly. Florence I am not sure how 8th March is like in India, since I left 3 years back but surely nothing like how u have described. But as far as the proposal is concerned i would like to talk about it in reference to my mother- a new place for her.

Partition of India saw a huge exodus of people across the 2 countries – India/Pakistan, one could call it as one of the largest political migrations in the world and one of the most violent as well.

The social, psychological and economic  impact on the migrant families cannot be explained merely in words.  Most of those who experienced the trauma refuse to talk about it. Both my parents experienced this very trauma, which has had a profound impact upon their perception of the world. Economic hardships, loss of home and family life created a desire in most migrant families to not only survive but to succeed at any cost. Leisure and relaxation was for old age. Long hours at work finally affected my father’s health and he has now been seriously ill for the past 26 yrs. The dream of living a leisurely life, of travelling around the world, seeing New Places came to naught.  All that my father dreams of is getting well and all that my mother dreams of is to visit me in UK , which she cannot due to my fathers illness.  Most of her time she spends in being engaged in social activities or just looking after my father. Years of sleepless nights have taken their toll.

For this project I would like to talk to my mother about her dreams/desire of a new place.  Maybe this New Place is also a reflection of her deepest desire for a change in her current circumstances. To relive the dreams of her youth, dream of my father recovering completely, dreams of her travelling together with her husband.. her dream of visiting me in UK.

I would also like to go around UK, shooting different cities and projecting them back in real time/ or in a video format,  for my mother to see. Probably in someways realizing her unfulfilled dreams.

This is a brief description of my project on New Place. Please let me know as to what u feel.

Hail tooth ache,