Research thoughts

Hi Andrew, how was your val, have been quit very busy in the studio that I have to be alone for myself this period in other to meet up with some paintings. I wish its 48hours for a day. Haven’t heard from for a while now, hope u are aware of our next stage, what are you going to research about, gotten anything you want to developing on? its been quit busy with me in the studio, and in my quit time whenever i refrain from painting, my mind do flip through on what to do. We are both artist on a different perspective view to art but it all encompass visualization. Its always on my mind about documenting my imidiate original environment, and migrating to a new environment has established an awareness in me about the differences and similarity in difference between my origin and my new place. And I guess the similarities and differences can be visualize into paintings with my own artistic intuition. What am also thinking of developing is what I will call an audiovisual encounter. It has to do my kind of painting and also capturing the sounds of the environment. I have to device a mechanism like a sound sensor that will be attached to the painting. A kind of getting people immerse in the visual and sounds of the environment. These could go along making statement about people’s feeling through sounds as depicted to what is going on in the painting. Politically, socially and economically, our society has fallen short of its status compare to what is obtainable in the era of scientific and technological dispensation. The voice of the people is no longer heard, authorities are self-centered and egocentric. In essence my research could be like an encounter with the people’s feelings in sounds and visuals. What do you think about it?