keeping it simple and personal?

Andrew, why are YOU interested in industry in Zimbabwe? what’s point of view of the documentary?
  1. Andrew Sanyangore posted the following on February 15, 2010 at 10:05.

    When I say industry, it not big business I’m refering to…..It’s more to do with the industrious nature of people I’ve met on my travels…One has to be these days given the economic climate….. and in this sea of constructs. A man and his chickens which he relies on for livelihood, the herdboy and his cattle in the forest for months, the street cobbler under the tree shade whom everybody takes their broken shoes to…the mother of 3 and her mangoes and mango trees…. the fisherman and his rod, the farmer and his soil. There are numerous exambles of very simple people living simple lives with the knowledge and understanding that all everyone is trying to do is survive at least until the next day….and the ritual of their day and it’s struggles take on an artistic form as if choreographed in many ways……..I hear also that relationships have developed between the most unsual suspects because of the economic climate and this is something many thought would never happen during the ‘good times’. Changing times have led to changes in the lives of many and changes in attitude towards many of lifes constructs…. but the basic struggle for survival has remained a common denominator….. To map the minute changes in life represented materially in the changes in material objects…..the holes developing in clothes, new patches and all other repairs to tools houses chicken runs, …..thats the idea to somehow capture in a single piece these minute changes in the rapidly changing life of……