Thank you Bindu.

Thank you Bindu for this other formulation.

I have understood you because I used what you had long said as thinking matter.

You have answered to some of my questyions , I thank you for that .Some questions have still no answer.

There still remains the action in the form of an intiative

You suggested text or video material we could discuss on.

I m still waiting. I d like to begin.

What we re doing is a big challenge. Discussing about something systematically pratical via machines who don t undersatnd the lesat thing to what we say.They even distort the semantic of our discourse.Normally It would have been much easier.But thsi is our challenge.To construct something in roup or self that should reflect reality as a whole.

Rest assured Bindu you were well understood by me , I just wanted to begin with your idea.I found it interesting.

I learn everyday and I ve learned already so much with you Bindu and Florence.

Somethings are really new to me , I better ask than to pretend I know.That is why I ask questions.How can one know if they don t ask questions? Empirism? It has limits.

Lets stay calm and focused we ll have something good :).

I shoot this today !.

Didier de Masso

I loved the manner in which This philosopher said what he said.I loved most how it was pasted on the wall.

Suppose a big place and we have to fit in things into it from which way shall we begin? With photography , I  can bring all part of time together and only language can make the difference. We re part of the life we create even without knowing.

It s a lovely day.I hope Bindu you re doing well and you Too Florence.