point wise

Hi Didier, I dont think you have understood me, maybe language…

anyhow i will write point wise which will make things simpler.

1. i dont care if my idea is put aside for something better or more interesting.

2. A ‘New place’  can be  a non object.

3. A New Place does exist, depends upon how one tends to look at it and from where one tends to look at it. It is a question which can have multiple answers.

4. Time is short we need to communicate more often, everyday, or alternate- applicable to all of us.

5. 3 people make 3 separate works which together make one work, or 3 diff works, not complete in themselves to make one work. logistics need to be defined.

6.We can work individually on the same defined concept and then bring it together whilst editing. the definition  could be operational.

7. we can work in a series of pairs. Bindu and Didier , then Bindu and Florence , then Florence and  Didier we try to merge ideas and techniques, though i am not sure how feasible this will be taking time into consideration.

sorry for writing like this, kind of makes it easier for me,



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