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Today I am posting my proposal for new work. Waiting for your comments.

Project Working Title: Revising Ophelia

The project Revising Ophelia will present six stories: six portraits of six immigrant women coming from Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Serbia, Russia-Ukraine and Israel and their six perspectives on women’s role in Western society.

These women (need to search for them), all of who live in London, represent the first generation of immigrants and don’t have any artistic background, will be invited to participate in the project Revising Ophelia. In this  project Ophelia becomes a mediator, a connecting agent between Western and Eastern female archetypes. In my view, today Ophelia can be viewed as a perfect model of modern female stereotypes that are actively present in our society.
Using resources provided by me, each participant would study and analyze Hamlet’s Great Love, Ophelia. They will be asked to read Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, watch Colestino Coronodo’s 1976 film Hamlet, see an episode from the ballet Hamlet (Ophelia’s Mad Scene), listen to the aria from A. Thomas’s opera Hamlet, and study paintings depicting Ophelia.
Pointing out Ophelia’s best qualities and making intellectual analysis of her image, the participants will be asked to create a body of artwork based on this study. The outcome of this collaboration between the six women and me (I will give an artist talk for the participants, give individual workshops aimed at developing their artistic skills and discuss their ideas) will be an artistic commentary of a personal understanding of one of the best-known and important Western female icons. During these joint workshops, the common language of which will be English, the six women and I will discuss our ideas about the role of women in Western society and demonstrate examples of their proposed work for the future exhibition.

I see this project as a collaborative journey in which we will begin to examine how a social worker, a single mother, a DJ, or a widow can learn to use the language of art and express their views by means of making art.*here I would like to write more what this project does to us.

In our joint work we intend to use the story of Ophelia to be able to expose the confrontation between cultures, cultural and female stereotypes, as well as create a personal story of the woman living in contemporary times, the story which is based on our lifes.  Through this dialogue, the participants in this project will be introduced to a new media art such as video, digital photography, sound and text and how to apply them.
Implementing this project I will collaborate with partners such as IFA Gallery Berlin (co-funder) Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien and Imagine Art After,  (I collected letters of conformation ).

As a performance and visual artist, I have done much work that involved local communities. During my performance Life in the UK 2007, I asked British-born citizens to participate in a test that foreigners are required to take in order to be qualify to become a British Citizen. In my other work, The Shooting Time, I set up an old photo atelier in the former Museum of Lenin in Baku. I invited young Azerbaijan women to change their modern dresses into national costumes and participate in a photo session. In my work I am Black or Black Cancellation, I picked out men from the audience and covered them with a black cloth. Then I asked them to stay still for 10 seconds.
This time I want to play a role of an educator, a mediator and a friend. Natalia
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  2. IAA team posted the following on February 13, 2010 at 14:12.

    Just to be clear, this proposal is still part of the R&D stage, and no confirmation or commitment by IAA is given for development.