Hello Florence, You have put this rather well. 2 days back i went 4 dinner at some of my friends place and had this very interesting conversation on the lines that you have been talking about it. and i thought of reconstructing this conversation and recording it as well. what was interesting and is maybe interesting is that we often switch between 2 or 3 different languages and speak. Something which i take for granted but could be very interesting for an onlooker. just an observation. i was also thinking that i am rather happy to put aside my context of new place and just focus on one or two perspectives. yours and didiers. and yes we can start researching on this now, i think it is high time. if you have an further ideas, pl tell me.  if you want me to research on any particular site or have a look at something that too will be nice.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,