New Place

Dear Madames,

I m happy to rebegin communicating with you in the third axe of this Project.

As time chnages , things change and so I change too.A change is a chnage.

I have longed refleted about what you both said and here are my thoughts I will have as major premise Bindu ‘s Aphorism should I say about us – what is common about us is our differences.Scondly these differences are specifically perceptive and cognitive in this present context. In the unavalailability of an operation definition of New Place , I thus in order to work had to conceive my own defintion.

A New Place to  me represents a genesis , a zone in space and time which does not ressemble any other place.It is a singularity ; where laws which are useful in other places might not necessarily be  useful in it.  A New Place is ”new’ a priori and a posteriori.

I thus propose , to develope a series of photogaphies  which have been socially constructed by different perceptions of the world – Even though My subjects will be all cameroonians , I believe with proofs that they might not think like cameroonians do stricto sensu.Language been an important vehicule of culture , I intend to use it in my work.

The importance of my work is to show the crucial impact  globalisation has on the psyches of Africans in general but on Cameroonians in particular.It folows some long empirical work – Anthropological perspectives.

Been a photographer , I have this aptitude to manipulate my variables so as to indeed measure what I want.The Bias is controled because The themes I ll work with will be randomly choosen by the subjects themselves-double blind.I will not know them from the unset.I will just try artistically to reproduce their lovely realities.

This is my contribution.

Yaoundé is cool NOW

Warm hand shakes .

Didier de Masso.