a simple question

Hello, Its is nice to read both your ideas, but i am begining to feel that we need to clarify within ourselves as to whether  our projects are individual projects or a single project with 3 different views, then one can start collaborating further and look at our projects accordingly. to explain a bit further  on this- i mean maybe our works can be parts of a whole too, they dont need to be a complete piece in itself? also it is a simple suggestion that if we decide as to how long the whole piece will be  for example, a 3 channel projection, each channel could be about 2-3 minutes or more, it might help us in looking at the whole work in a different light.  sometimes limitations are good…?  i think one can then play around with the idea and the asthetics. also it will be nice to keep a balance between documentary and fiction and the aesthetics and emotive quality of it all. I know it is a very tough balance, but one can surely try? Florence you had metnioned- ‘I have to work out quickly if the people I look for should be first or second Diaspora generation, or a mixture (that is one of each?). Maybe you have some thoughts on this?’ I think it would be nice if you leave some things to chance as well. We are still at the proposal stage and will be nice if we first understand the idea and play around it a little more.  Lets try to suggest to each other some works that we could see, refer to or watch some films on youtube? Any takers?



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