Yes it is nice to be back

Hello Didier and Florence – Its been 4 days since we were informed about the new stage, and it has felt like ages to me… as if years had passed and i had missed out on something precious in life. Anyhow Florence I think you have understood as to what I have suggested, sometimes it takes me time to formulate my thoughts. At least with this project i am slowly but surely becoming a more confident writer. When i wrote my earlier mail, i felt that i was always looking for things in common, which was based on my presumption that there were huge differences between us!!!! it felt like a strange thought to me. In searching for something in common i had already created a difference.

I normally dont quote- but this time i will –

“Speech cannot be understood if there is a pre-existing code which is institutional. Our access to spontaneity is governed by those structures which one associates with writing. This relationship between languages compels me to recognise that neither is a natural or an artificial language. I am devoted to my natural language but i cannot think it as natural, because to an extent one is never natural, one is never at home.” Gayatri Spivak.

For me a New Place will be a state of mind that is at rest yet constantly changing. Its like images can change, move, one can move from place to place, but still one is always in an eternal state of rest.

I too think this project will be nice if it is split into a three channel projection. There could be many permutations to it  but i would only have one suggestion that is that one normally talks about place in relation to time and somehow time seems to be an important factor in someways , it would be nice to retain the emotive content of this work. (maybe not the right time to say it, but just wanted to share …. )

Didier wrote something really niec- “The time in between our differet existences should not make us forget that inbtween time , things change and are even changing.”

By both of u, I will be in touch now, reading and writing and drawing.

Tk care and do write,