Developing Ideas

Hi Bindu & Didier,

It’s nice to be back in this space again.

About our potential project; I never really expected that 3 of us would come up with similar perspectives or approach to the notion of NEW PLACE.

It’s great than Bindu has made it more explicit by suggesting that we explore or share our notion of NEW PLACE from our 3 different perspectives.

What is common as Bindu says, is our difference, and there’s ‘Beauty’ in difference; through our diverse outlooks, we can narrate, observe, interpret and share our diverse observations of the concept NEW PLACE. I think this would be great to be able to make something that provides a platform to share our ‘different perceptions’ – the commonality is both our different approaches as well as the theme of NEW PLACE. Does this make sense? Maybe what would ‘not be Common’ would be our method or form for exploring the theme. 

When we started this discussion about a collaborative project, I said that I am curious to explore the idea of NEW PLACE by looking at how others deal with the challenges or questions of ‘belonging’ and a state of being in-between two worlds that are in essence ‘New Places’ of sorts.

On the question of form, I would like to express my desire to use both still and moving images to explore the notion of NEW PLACE. I am thinking about a very short visual piece that would use Montage, Split screen and other filmic elements to communicate ideas, feelings and the meaning of a New Place for particular persons (x 2) at a particular locale in time.

Ok, I await your ideas.

Sending you both warm greetings,