In our day, we need true dialogue to be established in order for us to be able to speak of World Art. This dialogue that I’ve mentioned isn’t one that’s just between artists or persons and institutions involved in art. We also need dialogue to be established in the social life and political relations. Does such a dialogue really exist? When we take a look around, we see that this is not the case.

When we look at the life of mankind entering the 21st century, we can witness wars, violence, racism and invasion of the private life. It is not possible to claim that the education given in schools is qualified. People are living superficial lives. They view everyone with different culture and life styles other than themselves as “the others” and respond to life accordingly.  As a result, people are constantly becoming more and more alienated from each other. I don’t know how effective World Art can be under such circumstances.

Please do not get the idea that I’m against the World Art concept. On the contrary, this elegant idea needs to be developed and dignified. That’s why I believe that this project is highly significant and that it needs to be spread to the other countries of the world. If musicians and men of letters can accomplish this, so can the artists. Denizhan Ozer.