What l want…

What do l want? I’m an aggressively ambitious woman. I want international recognition for my work and financial independence. I’m not only passionate or talented at what l do but my award winning work does prove that l am very good at what l do. My desire to enter the international arena could require additional training or working attachments in the art of film making to familiarize myself with current trends.  I’m also a screen director and working attachments with big players in the industry will give me hands on experience and improve my skills. After all, l am shooting my first big screen movie in 2011, and l need all the experience l can get to be able to pull it off successfully.

Another thing that l really want is to open a Production House which will groom and promote young talent in the art of film making. Over the years, l have turned down many aspiring screenwriters who were inspired by my work and wanted me to train them.  A small group will be engaged at a certain time.

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