Dear Ana,

Thank you for this nice e mail for the end. Today is last day of our dialogue so I won’t make our discussion more complicated at the end. I’ll try to explain you just few technical things.

1. About my photo. That photo ISNT PHOTOSHOPPED. And I really don’t know why you and your friend Rene thought like that and cornering that accuse me for male chauvinist point of view etc. It’s my photo with my friend Ana, and really there is no reason for doing that. I understand that there are a lot of elements on that photo that make you believe that something there might be photoshopped, night club’s lights, her make ups, plastic surgery interventions at her face or whatever, but you are really wrong.

And, there is one more problem that I have with your pointing out that. Because, even if it is photoshopped, I really don’t see the problem with that fact at the way you do, because its digital information anyway. Of course, now I don’t want to enter in discussion about reality of (digital) photography today and all problems around that relation fakeness/reality which photography as a phenomenon (especially in the ages of digital information undoubtedly) open. (What is real in mediated reality?)

2. About my projects. As I already told you. My projects are direct intervention and not only critics from the distance of the phenomenon I’m dealing with. Ethically, I can much before see the problems in all other forms of art that are ‘political’ but performed in autonomous space of art than with it etc. And yes, some of the mechanisms I’m using could look problematic, but I think it’s because I’m using already existing mechanisms and act with them directly. Also, I want to say that these few projects of mine that you sow are just part of my praxis and they are presented by very short descriptions here because of the character of this communication. All of them have additional material, contextual descriptions and larger critical interpretations and I can present it to you sometimes.

So, for the end, I would like to say that I really like your final comment about territory, you and me.