life in Lagos

Hello Andrew, Quite some time now… my internet went off and have been quit busy with activities and enjoying the sunshine in Africa. It’s been really awful seeing the way things are going on in the society. The only consolation is within the individual, how you are able to comport yourself with the on going situation. After attending the society of Nigerian Artist monthly meeting, some other artist and I went out for a drink. In the course of our dining I told them about my initiative, what is obtainable in the UK           which I believe if we also imbibe so trend in our own society it will be a good progress for the art. In AS much as we are developing if we incorporate same practice as in the larger society it will define our art also.

I enjoyed the scenario where we had a drink. Am so fascinated by the crowd, everyone drinking and relaxing as if life is good but deep down in their minds and thoughts its not an easy life its just a way to free the mind body and soul from worries. Anyway enjoy some of the video I took while we discuss the way forward for the Society of Nigerian Artist, Lagos chapter. I was on my way home from the internet cafe went to browse, what I witness between a force man and a civilian, was heart touching. Our values and civil right has has no justification,  the society needs a proper sanitation in character and behaviour. I began to reason with the way life is in my new environment but if only we could be aware of what we are been  deprived of as a citizen of our beloved country.DSC02983.jpg DSC02982.jpg oh, what a shame,  I couldnt  post the video covering lagos weekend life, the pixel appears too large for yahoo mail. anyway the video was taken at the National Theater Iganmu Lagos. Its a place to visit