break in communication

Hi Andrew, how has it been with you, I have been off from Lagos state to my home town in Delta state. Sorry for the break in communication, my home internet got expired and will be back online  from tomorrow, so I have to use the cafe to see whats going on in the final day of our dialogue. Anyway hope you are alright. Got alot of info to share with with you but the internet facility am using now is a kind of outdated so i couldnt retrieve file from my laptop to share. Regards the question from the IAA Team… What is it that we really want? What do you want your art to do? In my own opinion, which I believe Art is a quest for the truth, either consciously or unconciously done. It encompass the immediate society the artist lives and the impact indiviually he has embrace the art and his society… sorry my time is up, will be back later tonight to continue.