The Father of African Cinema…

Hello Bindu & Didier,

I’m reading with intense interest your discussion about Art, Science & Reality/Truth – very enlightening.

Bindu, I forgot to mention our dear father’s name at the end of the quote – he is the one and only OUSMANE SEMBENE from Senegal, West Africa. Some of his films are Borom Sarret, Xala, Ceddo, Guelwaar, Molaade, Ceddo.

Bindu, enjoy your residency. Chauffeur driven? That’s just fantastical!!!

Didier, great to know that you like walking – so keep walking and let your body be beautified under the Yaounde sun. And, while you are out there walking, take a special photo just for me, Please. Enjoy your morning walks!  I look forward to having a very long walk with you when next I’m in our capital city.