The dry season.

It s a lovely night.Lovely because I think I m hapy fat there are several mental events bathing my mind.I feel hungry and tristy .

I m hapy to talk to you both Florence and Bindu , Bindu and Florence.

I read your posts passionately and I for some time did not know what to say.I m happy to be fattened by your conversations and ideas.

We should one day opt for direct dialogue.It will just be a matter of timing.I should thus try to know when  are your respective time differences.

Bindu with respect to your question regarding my anthropological prespective in photography you are right to interogate on this. However, i think the defintion of anthroplogy does not suit my perception of the act of  photographying. Anthropos means human and I shoot  aspect of humans ; humankind.I shoot people , different people who can be compared sure. but whose humanity is what is interesting  to me . Being a human is such a blessing  but it s always very easy to be anthropocentric when infront of other humans.I suppose we were made that way.Perhaps what is been shown is just other aspects of me. there is  a real paradox and seemingly confusion in these propos. However, in reality all humans are the same by nature and essence and as a photographer I have the  duty to show certain things been in the mass we fail to see.

8th january 2010

I woke up early this morning. But not as early as often. Since I love walking . I walked . After haven done what I have to do all mornings : the commonities.

I realised with  renewed astonishment as I walked how soft and delicate was the sun’s heat on us.It is the dry season but even with this the Sun in reality is still very gentle.The roads are crowded with people. No cab , I don t know why.