Im getting back on my feet.

It was definitely the party i went to tonight, people around me make me feel normal)

Taus Makhacheva

Got a drunk drawing from smn)

About your work, sounds interesting, i want to ask millions of questions now to understand your choices in this particular work, but i wont, because you dont have time for replies, ill do it when i see you here.

Its interesting what you are saying about acting out an identity, i feel that i do that sometimes…, BUT I so diagree with you on the mannishiness of the western women, it is such a superficial thing to say, and even if in general russian women are more obsessed with looks and stereotypical female tender behavior, then others, i see it as a bad thing (its not real for me, its acted out most of the time, like acted out identity).  Smb once told me that Russian women are so obsessed with the outer because they feel that russian man dont notice them, but its not because they are not sexy enough, its because russian man drink too much vodka, stupid joke i know…

As for Olga Chernisheva work, i know/saw the one you are talking about, i can visualize it now.That photographic work, but im not sure i saw the video you are talking about. What i find amazing about her videos is the way she work, she is like an anthropologist. Walks around with her camera and shoots with no preparations or set ups, soots something completely disbalanced/outofplace, like a woman frozen in the crowd, strange cheer-leader girls at the parade next to young boys in soldiers uniforms. Technically it is all accidental, but i cant be so dismissive to call it that way. She sees and shows current social state very well, and for me she is a conceptual artist. I would not allow this approach to my work, but may be it is a weakness, me  being a control freak and naively believing in the modernist act of creating an artwork.

Ill try filming fur and post it. As part of my research i have been reading an article about tzars giving fur coats as gifts, ill write about it tmrw…