Hi Andrew, what’s new for the New Year. Am back to my studio, after been down with symptoms of malaria, am better now, ever since am in town have not really have a quite time for myself, now trying to have my quite time along my studio work. Activities happening around demoralise me a lot as I try to compare what’s happening over there and here. Even the our leaders that are expose to what is obtainable in the developed country still fail to carry out their duties to humanity as required. Life full of complaint is not an healthy life. How can you reason when psychologically you are not composed. From my discussion with people and random sampling about our society its really a frustrating world. Every one is just busy for nothing, a hopeless demonstrative hard work. This reminds me of the religious painting I did 20years ago about our country. It was use as an annual calendar for my church then. It’s a revelation but no one thought about it. Andrew, Only God can save this nation, the way things are going, if you think about it one might have hypertension. Good to be back to my B.Y.(back yard)Studio, large working space, and I love working on my birth suit expose to natural light. Am working on a large surface 210x150cm. it’s a surrealistic approach, it’s a landscape covered with green vegetations and flower but when observed carefully the vegetations has a representation of human figures. I did such kind of work way back 2001, then I was experimenting in different approaches and styles in other to find a way that could best defined me and my works. So as a result of that painting, I was commissioned to make another follow up which I’ve done the sketches and was approved. So will be transferring the sketch on the prepared canvas surface today. I’ll keep you posted. Anything going on with you? Anyway am looking forward for a photography tour as soon as am done with studio work.