Russian Salad!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Throwing a handful of Russian salad over the net to you!

Taus Makhacheva

Let Us all end up face down in our own Russian salad tonight!
  1. Nilofar posted the following on January 6, 2010 at 17:24.

    I have been following this blog for a while and today when I read about the Russian Salad I felt obliged to comment. You see, there is a Persian Salad called ‘Salad-e Olivieh’. It’s one of my favourite dishes, so naturally when I read it had a Russian sibling I was intrigued. Our potato salad is similar, but deviates slightly in terms of ingredients and preparation. I wanted to include a photo of the Persian version, so I started to look through Google images. I came across an article that not only shared my thoughts, but took it one step further and delved into the history of this magic salad. I have been enlightened. Please, have a look for yourselves.

    Thank you for this interesting blog on art, culture, food, life and everything in between =)

  2. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on January 6, 2010 at 20:23.

    Thank you for following and your words! ))) The link you posted is very cool, i have read and amazed by the spread and popularity of Olivieh-thats how we call russian salad as well) I have never given much thought to what was on the table of Nicholas II, the only food related custom in the tzars time i know is throwing up in the middle of the feast and carrying on eating.

  3. Thoko Zulu posted the following on January 17, 2010 at 13:13.


    The reply comes late but what is important is that l finally got to it than ignoring the temptation. Would have been a delicious meal and not at all a salad for me, even though it looks packed with calories!

    Who cares about the extra weight, it was indeed the festive season and time to well…indulge a bit! Am struggling to shed off the extra kilos but…l am getting there!

    Wishing you an eventful 2010. May contentment be yours.

  4. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on January 17, 2010 at 20:20.

    Thank You!

    Hell with extra weight, lets carry on indulging!

    All the best to you in the coming new year and the rest))

    Warm regards,