Hello, for the xmas I ll be with me family at home having dinner. I was opportune to move around town in lagos today for shopping, it was really really busy and hectic. The only difficulty we facing is orderliness which I suggest if only we could re-embraced the WAI culture of the 80s. I guess it will reform the society.

You said u will be tavelling around Nigeria, thats  also in my agender for coming, so I could gather enough reference for my painting while am back to the UK. May be we could trip together. When are you coming to lagos so we could meet up and discuss. Am still on my sketches for a commission work ad still waitig for my art materials i cargo to Nigeria so as soo as I get it, Ill be back fully to the studio. need to complete some commission before going back to the Uk.

Back to your question, the phase contemporary could be define in two category- belonging to the same time and belonging to the present time. There has been a lot of transformation to art and has been categorically place into different ism, period, and classification. it seems a lot has been done and whatever is been done now might have a bit of similarity to what has been done in the past. So whatever you do now, your medium, form or technic might have a link to what has been done in the past or of what is existing presently.