Bonendale o Mulema

Hi Florence,
Hope the sun is still lingering near in Wales
As a matter of fact, I was in Cardiff 20 years ago and I sent back images of myself on a sunny day wearing gloves and winter clothes. People over here could hardly understand that it would be that sunny and cold at the same time…
Famous bass  player Etienne Mbappe wrote a wonderful song “Bonendale O Mulema” which means “Bonendale my love”. Kids actually make this place wonderful. We have numerous projects with them, one being “Hollyday Workshop” that takes place in summer. And they love to create and play at creating…
Recently I shot a  music video with ten of them. Children are ArtBakery’s direct link to the community. My dream is to teach them more and more on how to use a video camera… That, will hopefully happen soon.
ArtBakery is based in Bonendale. And here live some ten visual artists and a couple of performing artists and musicians. We are actually building a community of artists on this side of Douala. Hope one day you will come here to shoot or to lead a workshop with the youths or with visual artists.
I stop here before the connection dies
Take care,