Local or universal, giving is lost and replaced with consumerism/wast


I like your name for wisdom tooth; I think “tooth of mind” is much better, as one expects to lose one’s mind after loosing it!

Hope you feel better soon.

Your caricatures in Turn 2 and Faces of my country are charged and cinematic, and Abu Hajar is a philosopher; it is very good piece of him among machines, among the dead and imitating animals. As for the other 2 tracks of Mattooot and Never, it struck me how life forces some to survive with few words!

I know what you mean when you said that if Fillini was anywhere in the 3rd World he might have ended up selling vegetables, but I am sure the material you have in Damascus, though might seem local, but to my eye has a universal presence.

This reminds me with my time in Damascus, hen I was student, one of my teachers (Laila Nser) asked us to go around the Old city sketching, she just arrived from Paris, and, typically, we came back complaining that there is nothing to see , nothing to draw. She said it is not what you draw, it is how you draw! and added that we shouldn’t  think that the parisian scene is better; many artist would have loved to walk around the Old City observing its dynamics. So we packed our sketch-pads,  sharpen our pencils and took our eyes for a walk, it was early morning, and  Damascus was still sleepy, but many workers waiting to be picked, so we hanged around them drawing their silent waiting.

I long for a walk in the Old City of Damascus, losing myself in its mazes, by the river; either after midnight or the first hours of the morning. Human through out the ages were interested in building citied by the water, and even bringing water to their interior landscape, Damascus is famous for it’s yards and fountains; would you be able (when you have some time) to reintruduce me to “your” Damascus, Barada, and Bab Tuma as if I never seen/been there?

I went to the river today and took few images to introduce you to the Cam, including moving images (hope they work! If not, you can reach at flickr’s Imagine Art After images) As there is a moment when someone walking on the bridge, covered the sun rays!

Issam Kourbaj

Issam Kourbaj Issam Kourbaj Issam Kourbaj Issam Kourbaj

I thought this chair sound a chair for thinking!

Issam Kourbaj

And this is the bridge on the Cam that Cambridge is named after.

Issam Kourbaj

Thinking about  bridges, I wonder if this might be a theme to play with?

I am here sitting thinking about my coming project on the Analemma; designing it in a way the it could harvest the sun as light as well as energy, so the piece could work at night as well as during the day (by using solar panels).

Now the day light is gone, and Christmas street lights are switched on! I avoid walking in the City Centre as shoppers are frantic; and the meaning of giving is lost and replaced with consumerism/wast.  Not my favourite time of the year!


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