Community Concept – SUPER ART WORLD

Good point about the imagine art after, community concept (or super art concept).

To continue this theme I would like to bring up some of the root concepts of this IDEA. This is a marketing strategy of the new era for the huge companies operating online like Google, yahoo and others. This Idea was based on internet researches of the consumer’s reaction on this or that offer. Essentially the normal marketing concept was far not efficient any more this days, as people did get aware of other (unknown) people offerings – something on the net or ads that appear unexpectedly.

When analyzing this issue this questions might come up:

What motivates people to say that about institutional art life?


What was the basis to think this would be possible or that this is important?

Would it help to create super ART world?

Is it possible for ART to be as co-productive as other social media mass production products? Whether it is possible or not, art does have a platform, and it does influence people to take certain action on this or that mostly mental issues.

As an explanatory to this I would like to hear a position, an opinion or something that stays behind, this idea from your point of view. – Simply, what do you think about the informational potential of art as means of mass share culture?

This Video here might have certain answers (in general) to this question. Also bringing the aspect of CHANGES.
  1. Yu-Chen Wang posted the following on December 27, 2009 at 23:49.

    Are you guys familiar with ‘Institutional theory of art’?
    I first came across the theory when I was doing a course in Philosophical Aesthetics.