my addiction to IAA

My dear Tuasik!

It’s such a shame that we are geographically separated… and have to work on our art far away from each other. I wish I can be there to help you to set up your work and see how it works out!
This distance is what makes me feel completely confused. I never know when you are on line… and when you will read my new posts… Like an addict (in this case addicted to IAA site) I wake up at night to check our updated dialogues (I even start reading dialogues posted by other couples))) which sometimes helps. The serbian gays, Danili and Ana are my favorite so far.
I’ve noticed I developed a new habit or, rather, a phobia – I’m afraid of getting too far from my laptop… and I stay on line for hours… like a maniac
I prefer to stay in my bemused mode… I started enjoying it… What a life!