Born to be a Bride

What you are talking about is around me now. My 4th cousin was forced to get married, she didn’t know the man, but he is the same nationality as she. And there was no other option for her. Another far cousin of mine saw her husband to be at their wedding. Some of my relatives still believe and follow caste system. But on the other hand the way they behave towards me and the family in the time of need is just unimaginable…

I was studying in London and over summer went to Dagestan, met my husband (he invited me for a dance at a relatives wedding, that is such a cliché, weddings are full of potential wives searching for the other half ) and married him few years later. It wasn’t an arranged meeting. A happy coincidence for me and my family, in different ways though…

I should watch the Tango again, may be a distant collective experience will bond and heal us.

My mother graduated from art history at Moscow State University, why do you say “ugly ears?”                          Did you do that photographic project in Moscow? Were they aware that you were photographing them? Did you ask permission? Did they sign a photo release form? (release forms are such a pain in the back, glad there is no such thing in Russia yet…)

Tell me what was the education like in Yale? Did you have lectures, tutorials, studios, crits? Russian education in contemporary art is a joke, but that’s a topic for a big discussion. I was planning to do a collaborative work about Russian (extremely traditional) art education.

Sorry to hear about your experience. And im sure he is wrong, you can get smn for less then 1000, 200 sounds real to me, what do you think? I can ask around.


  1. masha posted the following on December 2, 2009 at 10:54.

    so u liked the tango film yourself?

    1. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on December 4, 2009 at 09:53.

      didnt have a chance to refresh it yet, what about you?