King Midas

Dear Ana,
you send me very nice email, sensitive. Thank you for that. Honestly, I was also very bad these few last days, very depressive and closed in my studio. Sometimes I just have these kind of phases and I cant communicate with the people so much. Its the period in which I need some more space for myself than usual. But good thing is that I was thinking a lot and I have now one idea for new project, and I’m so exciting about that! I won’t tell you much about that now, cos I don’t like to much to speak in advance if I haven’t finalized the concept yet. (Also, how is functioning here with possibility of producing a work at the end of these discussions, do you know?)
Hope you are satisfied with the things about performance in Baku. Are you planing to go there, do you know more about the concept of that biennial?

I wish you one very specially nice day today!

See you,