Busy world

Hi Andrew, whats going on with you. Hmmm! my yesterday was just occupied by nothing, couldnt figure out what I actually accomplished for the day, but it just passed away. Couldnt dialogue, couldnt finish up with my sketch, sometimes I wish its 48hours a day. Time flies, but it is not time that flies its we that are flying. Before u know the day is over, sometime I feel I could be in my own island and leave all the worries behind. Anyway, its been a cluster of so many things to do and limited time to execute them, one just have to schedule his time.

Today I’ll be out to register for a teaching programme, afterwhich will be heading to the Winsor & Newton Open Evening. The evening will be an informal gathering of like minded artists. Along with other artists; their technicians, chemists and product managers who are responsible for developing new products will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and listen to your suggests and ideas.

Enjoy the rest of the day…

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