Hello Yang. i am sorry for hearing the disasters brought by your computer. I have met similar conditions 2 months ago. My latest project before Rio has completely ruined by this disaster. The Digital stuffs should really be stored carefully, my lost data is about 100 pics I took. The only thing I feel lucky is I did not start the Rio project at that moment, otherwise I must be  mad as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience on how to join a resident project, and i am also look forward to seeing your new film in short the future. Most of my creative experience were based on Manga and Animations. I feel I am good at re-creative themes from others. The work which selected by IAA entitled ‘Happy orgasm ‘was made in very early time. I was a big fan of Japanese Singer Shinar Ringo.

Shinar Ringo, Steam

Her music combines Jazz and Japanese Folk perfectly, on behalf of wonderful graphic design, she and her team demonstrate a strong and distinguish understanding of culture identity. From her case, I got a practical mode of how to exhibit my works. I don’t know whether most creative workers think about the exhibit form in advance or not, but I did that very often.

Shinar Ringo’s MV is a good case of inner- stage-setting. I made my first Narrative photo series OKAMA short latter. It is based on Japanese Manga OKAMA. Here are few samples of my work plus the original illustration. Basically that is my major working procedure.

Bei Yue

Bei Yue Bei Yue Bei Yue