Here and there!

Hi Florence,
Great to start this conversation
I am sorry for keeping you waiting
Internet in Cameroon is to blame for that terrible situation
But in a way it also speaks of the position I am speaking from which naturally informs my stands: political, aesthetical, ethical…
I was curious when the results came out after the selection process as who would be the CAmeroonian artist living in the UK. I knew of one Ambiana who left Douala some ten years ago, to go to London. And nobody else. You don’t leave Cameroon to go and study arts in Europe, do you?
I actually heard of you not long ago and saw the movie you did on some female visual artists from Cameroon. So I am quite happy that the Imagine Art After managed to spot you and make this dialogue possible. I hope you will tell me how you ended in the field of visual arts and how you look at this wonderful country from the banks of the Thames.
Welcome on bord and let’s keep the imagination cruising.