-Yeah Andrew, things have changed, unlike years back, now there is enlightenment and awareness about art generally but still there is much to be done in the art scene. the economical status of Nigeria is great and enormous, but the impact is not felt. There is what I called ” narrow stream of resources” that is not evenly disposed and checked. This  disposition result to migration both internal and external. The solution is…  whats our impact towards her tansformation

Now am here (UK)… in the equilibrium, checkmating between when I was there and while am here. its not the end but what legacy will u leave behind.

Good, we are artist, this has ever been my passion from birth. Refering to your message on Re:on Photography- u said the image to appeal and communicate to the viewer. Also you said about ”discipline”, that reminds me of the Idiagbon regime, then I was a scouter (Boys Scout), how I wish we (Nigerian) still operate in such strength as of then. Anyway, we have a lot of message to deliver through our practice.

Back to my studio, I’ve finally decide to start a portrait of an old man I met at Hallstead in Essex where I went for a birthday party. I want to submit it for the Royal Society of Portrait Artist Annual Exhibition coming up next year at the Mall gallery London. So, till i hear from u…