Motivations might Prosper

I’m glad that you do share my feelings of motivations on the importance of space, sense and people. Didn’t new that you was from Ozurgeti, actually people there are great I wish I had a video uploaded from the Ozurgetian artists works. I definitely will format it an upload it somewhere, but I’ve got one of the stills here:
Luka Zautashvili
This work is called in a very strange, like Ozurgetian slang ) Titled: “deetxuet xatvas” (something like enough drawing) and that guy made the video about a watermelon seller who is actually drawing on Watermelons, and sells them very effectively because of that, he seems very popular through the Ozurgetian Watermelon consumers. ) So the artist Giorgia Darchia who is probably about 45+ years and has never worked with Video, has made pretty wonderful work, with a special music selected “Nina Simone – Sinnerman”. His message was probably towards all those ozurgetian artists who never stop drawing Still life and Landscapes in an Academic way. What was the funniest story there that the watermelon seller actually came to the exhibition and as a result became even more popular than before; he gave interviews to almost every huge Georgian TV channels. But Probably now he is waiting for the next watermelon season ;) .

I think that we might continue this project next year (depends on funding) and I would be glad to invite you to join us. You might have a good impact on Ozurgetians as you are from that area. what do you think?

Strip tease!

Yes you are right it was like that several years ago, but now many girls do dance and well some part are Georgians but about half of them say that they are Ukrainians, and have invented new names for themselves, it seems it is because to prevent them from being followed or anything else. I met one of them who is very interesting person as she did tell me all this stuff about their job, but even though they got big salary, still have not so big freedom as most of the time they spent dancing strip tease and sleeping as well as lot of restrictions are applied in their contracts.

Sorry have no image from there ;).

That IceAge film is pretty funny haven’t seen the whole movie though, I was just tagged by one of my friend that’s why it appeared on my profile.

Ok so you didn’t drink a lot, I thought you went to the Pub.

  1. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on November 26, 2009 at 12:32.

    Hi there) You’ve got an interesting dialogue going on here.
    In relation to the watermelon drawings))) they are great
    thought of Tonico Lemos Auad banana drawings. Have a look),8543,-11304820688,00.html


    1. Andro Semeiko posted the following on December 7, 2009 at 23:55.

      Hi Taus,
      Thanks for your comments. Its fun to play with fruit isn’t it? When I was little back in Georgia in summer time I used to make watermelon and sand shakes and would offer it to my family… they would kindly decline normally.
      Thanks for forwarding Tonico’s work, I have seen before but don’t remember what was the concept about making these faces on the bananas. Do you know?
      Best, Andro

      1. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on December 11, 2009 at 00:59.

        Hi Andro,
        I cant say that i remember what it is about, but we can try to discuss it?)
        The best thing in the work for me is decay, every day the portrait, image or tattoo if you like changes, becomes darker and eventually disappears. Like our memory. The everydayness of it, the pathetic and humorous dimension… what else?

        1. Andro Semeiko posted the following on December 12, 2009 at 23:51.

          Hi Taus,
          Yes definitely the things you say I feel too about the work. It is also a kind of ‘sensual’ work which sits a little bit too comfortably in a certain genre of contemporary aesthetics of object making. What I like that Tonico maintains his references to agricultural homeland Brazil; all these potatoes, onions and bananas he is using in his work…
          I suppose country like Georgia will end up having people referring to what it produces too.
          I can see you have studied at Goldsmiths, I was there too but couple of years earlier on MA. It’s a shame we haven’t met. Do you come to London sometimes?
          x Andro

        2. Taus Makhacheva posted the following on December 16, 2009 at 09:48.

          Hi Andro,

          Sorry for a late reply.
          Goldsmiths… what was your experience like? MA was always quite separate there. I knew only few ppl. One russian girl, painter, cant remember her name, i see her in Moscow sometimes, she looks like an art dealer now)
          Do you think we would hang out if we met then?)
          I plan to come for my friends wedding in feb, would be great to have an IAA party then) dancing on the table etc)
          As for Tonico’s work, i have not thought about what you mentioned about agricultural references, in that sense its quite political…?
          Sitting too comfortably in a genre-amazing that you say that.
          Lots of my artists friends in Moscow work with this aesthetic, calling in Unmonumental, after the show in NY, the catalogue of the show seems to be a bible in Moscow…im not sure if im right to attribute Tonico’s work to it as well…you know what im talking about-fragile looking installations using everyday objects most of the time…correct me if im wrong

          P.S. I miss Goldsmiths conveners…

  2. Andro Semeiko posted the following on December 23, 2009 at 10:52.

    Hi Taus,
    Yes Goldsmith crits where good for me too.
    I did my MA in 2001, most people in my year where older and much better read so I had a lot of catching up to do. Was fruitful for me at the end but a little bit painful. Some things where just plainly disappointing; the college was milking all the foreign students without offering proper studios with heating etc… and I think still continues to do so.
    Dancing on tables sounds great. I didn’t think there will be an IAA party but of course there should be one! lets tell Breda!
    I am in an exhibition in London opening on the 4th Feb, are you around then?
    Best wishes for the coming holidays!
    X Andro